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January 4, 2011

HTC Desire strange battery problem !!!

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Ever since I got my first mobile back in 2000, this is by far the strangest problem I have ever faced. My HTC desire’s battery behaves very different in different cities of Japan. I am living in Sapporo, a city in the northern Island of Japan. On one full charge the standby time that I get is around 11 hours maximum. If I use the WiFi or Blue Tooth the time reduces further.

Same mobile in Tokyo gives me more then 60 hours of standby time. I don’t know what is the problem. I have searched a lot and many people blame this on the signal strength and environment temperature. In my case both are constant. I contacted HTC customer service and their reply was confusing and kind of useless. I also went to my service provider (SoftBank) in Sapporo. They are also confused over the strange behavior of the phone.

I think this is a software flaw. I think my mobile keeps on searching for new signals even if it has good signal strength. I reached this conclusions because the mobile gives similar standby time if placed at a location without any signals.

Still the thing that confuses me is why so much difference in standby times between Sapporo & Tokyo.


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